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Nine Lives Tarot & Playing Cards by Annette Abolins

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Nine Lives Tarot – Illustrated by Annette Abolins

Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins

Vibrant and colourful Tarot deck freely based on the Rider-Waite system.

The artwork for this fully illustrated & borderless deck of tarot cards began it's journey in 2010, taking more than 3 years to complete. To me, Nine Lives is a journey of imagination and inspiration ... My desire is for Nine Lives Tarot to guide and inspire joy & positive reflection to you and everyone who picks up this deck ... :)

Nine Lives Playing Cards:   Poker – Limited Edition

Playing cards by Annette Abolins

Introducing the latest addition to the Nine Lives series: Poker size playing cards. This is a delightfully playable deck where the artwork takes centre stage. Featuring two individual jokers, borderless courts and embellished artwork. Winner of the 2015 PCF Deck Design Competition and beautifully printed in limited edition by Expert Playing Card Company.

Nine Lives Playing Cards:   Bridge size

Playing cards by Annette Abolins

First edition of playing cards, self-published in 2015. Inspired by Tarot; this bridge size deck features Kings, Queens & Knights from Nine Lives Tarot, along with fully illustrated Aces, Backs and the Joker ...

Stoneware Pendants:   Limited Edition Handcrafted jewellery

Stoneware Pendants by Annette Abolins

Original treasures, inspired by ancient positive symbols, designed to be worn and to bring Joy. Created by hand, each pendant has its individual look and feel. Striking and comfortable to wear; give to someone special – or treat yourself.

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