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Hello from the Artist

Hello :)
profile I'm Annette, the artist behind Nine Lives Tarot & Playing Cards ...

Art as a form of expression

To me, art is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world ... My art is often figurative; inspired by people, stories, dreams, music and mythology.

I fell in love with tarot (& playing cards) at a young age. Drawn to the beautiful pictures, I felt a deep connection with the visual language and the stories within each card. The intricate symbolic meanings and the characters fascinated me and took me on a journey to learn more, and eventually inspired me to create my own deck of cards ...

Ink drawing - artwork by Annette Abolins

Visually interpreting each card in pen & ink and then colour has allowed me to form a deeper connection to the characters and their meanings, which to me, is an endless well of inspiration for more decks in the future ...

If you would like to see more examples of my work, you are welcome to visit:

Nine Lives Tarot in Pictures

I began illustrating Nine Lives Tarot in 2010; embarking on a creative journey of imagination and inspiration. Along the way I discovered a connection to the timeless tapestry continually weaving stories about the journeys we take through life ... Continuing the journey, my desire is for Nine Lives Tarot to guide and inspire joy & positive reflection to everyone who picks up this deck ...

Collage image exploring the visual story behind Nine Lives Tarot

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