graphic illustrating site upgrade on Nine Lives Tarot and playing cards

Upgrading Nine Lives Website

2018 has been a really busy year so far, even though I know it has appeared quiet over here in the news section of Nine Lives … until a few weeks ago, when I began changing and redesigning the site! Moving forward, this latest redesign and upgrade has been driven by a desire for change and features a new look shop, easier navigation and integration across the site.

Tarot Review & Kickstarter Campaign

Take a closer look at Nine Lives Tarot with some new photos and Silver Moon Cat’s review on YouTube. Also, make sure to visit my Kickstarter campaign for VIZAĜO Playing Cards – with just 9 days to go, this is your chance to jump on board :)

VIZAĜO by Abolina Art

Preparing to Launch VIZAĜO on Kickstarter

VIZAĜO is a custom illustrated deck of playing cards depicting vibrant and colourfully segmented faces. This is a fun deck, which aims to be both collectable and very much playable! Due to launch on Kickstarter very soon, find out more in this post.