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Launching NEW Nine Lives Playing Cards

I am ever so excited to introduce the new addition to my illustrated card series: Nine Lives Playing Cards: (Poker size) have arrived. Beautifully printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, these high quality cards are hard to resist – and they look and feel fabulous!

Artwork by Annette Abolins

Happy New Year :)

Here’s to a happy and most creative 2016! Before embarking on new projects, this post looks back on two recent events – a group exhibition about water, with links to view my drawings. And an update on Nine Lives Playing Cards (poker size) – the winning design of the 2015 PCF Deck Design Competition.

This Week's Special on Nine Lives Cards

November Specials are here!

Without further ado, I’m excited to announce that starting from today … there will be 4 special offers (each running for 1 week) where you can pick up tarot decks and playing cards with special discounts and bundled offers. Perfect gift ideas in time for Christmas!

The Tower - Nine Lives Tarot - Detail

The Tower and a Sea of Boxes

In my previous post I touched on how we may have favourite cards, or cards that we feel more connected to. The Tower representing tumult, upheaval and sudden change has, despite its foundation rocking trait, always been one of my favourite cards.

Tarot workshop - Magick circle

My Very First Tarot Workshop

I admit I was a little nervous getting ready for my very first Tarot workshop, as I find it quite daunting to talk about myself and my art … Yet, walking through the door to the peaceful Magick Circle, butterflies settled, and I found myself looking forward to what the afternoon would bring.

Poker Size Deck and Competition Entry

Here is a preview of Nine Lives Playing Cards – the poker size deck… After a busy month of adjusting the original artwork, painting additional detail (to make use of the wider card size), and repositioning indices and other elements – the design is completed… and has been entered in the 2nd Annual PCF Deck Design Competition.

Playing Cards by Annette Abolins

Nine Lives in a Deck Design Competition

The 2nd Annual Deck Design Competition hosted over on inspired me to create a poker size version of Nine Lives playing cards. With my favourite number being 3, I see this deck as a compliment to both the original size playing cards and the tarot deck …

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Tarot Card Pictures and Blog Changes

Tarot is a visual tool, and I find the best way to appreciate and connect with a deck is to look at the cards. If a card image jumps out at you and says ‘pick me’, it’s likely you will have a connection deck. In this post I share some new preview images of the tarot cards – placed on a background showing the ‘card back’.