Nine Lives Playing Cards (bridge)


Inspired by the combined symbolism of playing cards and tarot, Nine Lives Playing Cards (bridge size) features Kings, Queens and Knights from Nine Lives Tarot, which have been drawn and clothed to match their corresponding playing card suit:

♥  Hearts (cups)
♣  Clubs (rods)
♦  Diamonds (pentacles)
♠  Spades (swords)


Nine Lives - playing cards illustrated by Annette Abolins

  • Deck: $15 (AUD) + Shipping
  • 54 plaing cards including 2 Jokers
  • Card size: 57mm x 89mm
  • Printed on 300gsm stock | Rounded corners

Bridge refers only to the size of the cards, which can be used for any game involving playing cards – and with the subtle link to tarot, they may inspire you to read the cards as well …

I discovered the talkative side of the court characters while I was creating the artwork for Nine Lives Tarot. My drawing board became a busy gathering of Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages; each happy to strike up a conversation, while throwing themselves into the offering of advice, the telling of stories, and even what some would refer to as the Royal art of Persuasion … The courts had arrived and wanted to stay …

Transition from tarot to playing card - examples of court cards from Nine Lives ...The transition from tarot to playing card – examples of court cards from Nine Lives …

In this deck you will find Knights gracing the card, which in modern times has become known as the Jack. With the connection to tarot, I was reluctant to tamper with knighthoods (as you know, knights are proud guys…), and I decided to keep their titles intact. Though, curious by nature, I did some research and discovered that the Jack is a relatively modern ‘name’ in the realm of playing cards … The reason for the name change was to avoid confusion and cheating at the card table … given that K (King) is similar to Kn (Knight), those with adept fingernail skills could easily remove the n on their Knight to land themselves with a better hand. There are always two sides of a coin … so, in this first edition you have Knights and, in the second (poker size) edition, you have Jacks … :)

Card back design, Aces and the Joker


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1.8 cm