Stoneware Pendant: Egyptian Eye with Lustre

$13.95 AUD

Egyptian Eye

This pendant bears the symbol of protection, wisdom and good health. The design is inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology, where Horus; the falcon headed sky god was believed to bring victory and safe travel. The Eye is often seen as the ‘window to our soul’, symbolising truth, intuition & spirituality.

Platinum lustre on black strung on leather cord.

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Positive symbols on jewellery - pendants worn by model and packaged in colourful bags

Handcrafted Stoneware Pendants:

  • Striking & comfortable to wear
  • Inspired by ancient symbols for protection and good luck
  • All natural materials
  • Kiln-fired up to 3 times (depending on finish: glaze, lustre or silver)
  • Delivered inside a cute bag, which includes a card with the symbol meaning
  • Perfect to treat yourself or give to someone special!

Symbols & Elements

Symbols have been part of our lives since ancient times; as good luck charms, protective amulets and the many visual elements that describe the world we live in. These pendants are handcrafted in stoneware clay, using water, air & fire to bring the designs to life. Brush strokes, glazing and kiln-firing give each piece its original quality.


The colours are made up of metal oxides, blended with raw materials to withstand the high temperatures of stoneware firing. The glaze is my own recipe and allows subtle variations in glaze & firing to create a striking and rustic palette; enhancing brush strokes and the natural look & feel of individual pieces.

Each pendant is signed on the back, which is satin-matte in texture and feels nice on the skin.

Wearable Art

Made by hand, designed to be worn, each pendant is strung on an open leather cord (knotted at each end to prevent slipping). You can easily adjust the position of your pendant by tying a double knot to keep it secure. Note: as each pendant is uniquely hand-made, and also because screens display colours slightly differently, your pendant may differ slightly from the photo.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 4.0 × 4.0 × 0.5 cm