YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot

The other day, by chance, I stumbled on a YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot …

This serendipitous discovery put a Big smile on my face, so I thought I would share the link to the video in this post:

Avalon's spiritual journey - review Nine Lives Tarot

In the video Avalon talks about her personal connection with the deck, the energy and her interpretation of the deck as a whole. She refers to Nine Lives Tarot as her happiest deck, which feels truly special :)

It’s a wonderful review and I hope you enjoy it!

Annette :)

Order Nine Lives Tarot here:

Buy Nine Lives Tarot

1 thought on “YouTube review of Nine Lives Tarot”

  1. That was so lovely! I can understand that you must have been thrilled, and I get the feeling that Avalon must really love the deck. What a wonderful gesture on her part… Congratulations to the two of you.

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